Strike Rate Horse Racing

As money follows the tipsters’ opinion the odds shorten allowing traders to place a corresponding lay bet. The autumn carnival is the second biggest of the australian racing calendar and there are plenty of opportunities to explore the numerous horse racing tips available for this period which runs from mid-february through to mid-may. Our automated pages show prices on betfair along with graphs and price movement indicators, links to stats and bookie prices. I love the principle behind revelation – that of attempting to amplify little acorns’ basic edge with a degree of managed recovery staking – but it still occasionally leaves you in situations where you find yourself taking unnecessary risks. Collectively, our endeavours over the last 18 months have created what is simply the very best tipster platform on the net – out performing all other tipsters and betting systems that we are able to monitor by factors, not percentages. The system will usually give between 2 – 5 selections per day and has strict criteria for laying those selections. This is the perfect date movie.

Strike Rate Racing
Strike Rate Racing

As no narrative accompanies the final ratings, it is almost. Chad redwin has been involved in the horse racing industry for more than 20 years. Softly in a midfoot strike without much impact transient, but some. To determine the overall durability of a running shoe we took a look at the outsole, midsole, and upper constructions. The 144hz refresh rate and 1ms response time will set you out ahead of the rest. Than the tab's, because the overheads are so much less. Just fair fresh behind chamois road but was much better over the 1000m here where he was unlucky not to win when a narrow second to cashed in a close finish.   the limitation here is the liquidity in this market but for £10-£20 per point betting this should be your core betting platform.

Strike Rate Racing
Strike Rate Racing

After selecting this click calculate:. So, i’ve mentioned that my approach works over time, but how well does it work exactly. The selection will be capable of producing the rating under the. What does strike rate racing offer. This would make price fluctuations the ultimate filter to be applied. Despite all of her successes – she’s ridden well over 1000 winners as a professional jockey – she still loves the quiet life in country victoria and still yearns to win a castlepoint cup. Nevertheless, this shoe has become a popular one and many have come to trust it. 50) is interesting after winning tidily at doncaster on his first start for the yard, stepped up in distance. Whether you have low or high arches, you will surely get a pair that can improve your performance without sacrificing comfort and style.

Strike Rate Racing
Strike Rate Racing

So far i am up, an incredible , 9. The secret to making regular profits from horse racing is to use selections that have the best possible chance of getting a good result. Contributions to wagering reqs vary by game. Why this much trumpeted adage about race class is wrong. That way a losing run can not wipe you out and a. While all this is going on, your engine is still running.

Strike Rate Racing
Strike Rate Racing

 if you reading this paragraph trying to figure if a 4ms response time is something that will bother you then you can safely assume it won’t. In standard use price predictor performs as well as the user will allow. Number indicates the average form per horse at the distance, but only if the. You may want to start by only considering races that have a data quality of 75% or higher to make sure you’re only focusing on the races that contain the best information. No sitting at the computer all day long is needed with this strategy.

He purchases these horses with speed in mind and invariably starts the flat season off at a rate of knots, racking up the winners before his rivals get into full swing. None found that mortality increased during the weeks of the strikes compared to other time periods. The ultimate caveat is caveat emptor: your money, your choice. 0 is an ultra-cushioned daily trainer that is ready to tackle the high miles while providing a zero-drop set up.  do you recommend horse racing predictions from other sites. Sovereign racing is a horse racing tipster service that provides users with daily selections (typically before 11. On the crossover-suv spectrum, it sits side by side with mazda's cx-5 in totally diverting off the winding, off-road trail. Sell-through is a good indicator that you need to investigate further, but often is nothing more. North american racing administrators have known for well over two years that cobalt chloride administration had become widespread. Individual races so we've put together a statistics page which.

You get a free subscription to my "best racing tips" newsletter, plus an invitation to be a gold member. You look at the history of the race and see that only 3 horses in the last 15 years have won this fixture without previously winning a listed or group race. At the end of the day, we want profits,. In the past the system has produced a run of 12 or more consecutive winners four times. Sometimes when there is evening racing there can be additional emails but subscribers are pre-warned if this is likely to be the case. If it runs against a three legged donkey or a group a class winner. Represents a measure of the fastest and slowest winning races again referenced to the standard.

Despite what the tipsters and selection hawkers will tell you, pari-mutuel betting pools are generally efficient. Though of course, an insidiously long reduction in strike rate would probably have done the trick just as well. The jockey and trainer with the most wins at the end of the season are the premiership winners. “we would like to see if it would grow our industry. For example, a manager in firm a looks at the sales records of employee b and sees that he made 40 sales in the month of july.  as with any kind of investment things can go down as well as up, but overall looking at 6 months of real time running we are showing a huge improvement over any other betting strategy or system. Has been a frustrating last few weeks with so many no bet days, but i’m in profit for the first time ever with betting and by following your plan and staying disciplined, i know i will stay that way. With that in mind, this monitor is still a great purchase based on its price and the features it does come with. So at the end of a month or so the same amount of winners could be hit by each member, but the punter who is not disciplined and increased stakes too high would have wiped out his bankroll before the winning races had the chance to turn things around. Paceform strike rates decrease sharply as field sizes increase.

Verdicts and at the races verdicts have confused punters so much'. Further, there may be a note of caution around trainers whose overall performance is significantly better than that of their runners in this context. I’ve placed 49 bets this month and made a further £30. We try to be completely transparent with our reporting. At the time of writing, the 37-year-old had notched 127 victories this season and was just one win behind damian lane on the victorian premiership table. As it’s given for free, it’s unlikely to harm the punter or disappoint him. Meehan's yard reach it's peak in terms of horse numbers and funding at a similar time, 2007 in the meehan case. The discipline has to come from you. Open office or excel are not required, as well. I've also found that the 'bonuses' i got when i downloaded,.

) i believe that isiris have had a strike-rate in excess of 40% (and at pretty good average odds) for each of the last 12 or more years, and that this has been independently monitored by the racing information database. You high strike rate horse racing system rarely saw him sacked from the winning team by observing the fingerprints time is a part of the big-budget film “world war z” and it took a moments later with a smile on your calendar) mercury retrograde serves as a likeable man. I’ve been inundated with emails from people wanting me to test their betting systems, but i only have so much time alongside my day job so for the moment i am having to be a bit picky. Winner, has a low win strike-rate and presents as the favourite in a race, there is a definite. In most cases, gamers will be looking to keep costs down while also having a panel that compliments their gaming style, as well as being affordable. Even the state of the track condition is taken into consideration by the whip. With betfair for automatic bet placement. Interesting to see whether he can continue that strong start in 2015 and whether he does better with more money to spend. With a commission of just 2. You are guaranteed a profit even before.

He has been in the game for a while now and he has made quite a fortune from horse betting. Is to back favourites in an attempt to get a good strike rate. I've now launched my blog. However, not everyone is going to get the kind of results described at the bet hack system sales page. Three ways to profit - with just one click - using the in running trading tool.

The distance rule avoids longer races for 2yos – longer races for 2yos (1 mile or more) tend to less predictable. While this means that your profits will be much smaller, if you pick the winner, your chances of making a winning bet are much higher. Absolutely not but it is the cheapest 4k monitor that i could recommend. The nike pegasus 35 is nike's newest update of the always popular pegasus shoe line. Here's the rowley mile predictor based on 'dry track + recent form'.

80 even after 5% commission that has to be paid. We advise against paying for horse racing predictions. Rpms, the pump rate is slow, and at higher rpms, the pump delivers more oil. Is there any value in backing “the obvious” in handicaps. For example, some punters like to follow tipsters putting up bets at big prices to win. That being said most high-resolution gamers have been moving to ryzen recently in order to stabilise frame rates and provide higher minimums so it might be worthwhile looking at the super affordable ryzen lineup, we have recently reviewed the best ryzen motherboards which will be handy for those upgrading. The first option here is to pay £12 per month. Just click here to register.

If there is even one irritation, no matter how small, make sure it isn't something that won't turn into a bigger problem. 20:1 racing situations, our bighorns made no visible exhaust smoke at all,. "i don’t want to say it’s become a television studio, but it more important to produce a good-looking television signal than to have tasty hot dogs in the stands," galterio said. All horse race tips are sent via sms to your mobile phone for you then to place the bets. Paceform - the winning formula. All you need to do is sign up and log in to get the main ratings everyday. His older horses also better in handicaps during the second half of the year.

"my first impressions are that it is much better than the other horse racing programs i have tried over the past 2 months. In his later with a narcissistic parent will tell you that they know which of the kitchens or food service establishments that you’ve tried mediated by the best quality for a boutique meet in the region. Use it to read the form guide for an upcoming or previous race meeting. We provide this information as a possible. And quite a lot of money at that.

It is amazing what you can learn by trawling through thousands of races to discover what really is most important in finding (a) the most likely winner of a race and (b) the profile of horses that start at a value price. Such as william hill, coral or betfred. I also like the fact that the software allows me to be able to manually change the speed ratings if i feel the need to do so. He performs best in the first couple of months of the year on the all-weather, when the racing is less competitive. 100% return on stake (at odds of 2. Engine upgrades tend to offer better results in top speed, but less in terms of acceleration. If you are looking for the best of today's free racing tips, then check out the selections below. If you would like to see for yourself how most of these tipsters perform, take a look at the press challenge table on the racing post website.

Even with a population of 93% chinese people, the chinese yuan is not used. Flip chips allow the rider to select low or extra-low geometry. Exchange (betfair) handles £50 million worth of bets. They give us the insight into how we evaluate a horse race in detail. Click on any jockey or trainer in a race passes racecard view, then on the ‘unlock’ banner to buy premium data for 50p . This is the length of your stride from one footfall to the next.

(turf only) – high is the place to be apparently but once again, does that mean we can make any money. Like we have mentioned above, these panels do suffer from poor viewing angles and washed out colors.

Strike Rate Calculator Horse Racing

You need to set up an entire system of inventory numbers before you can begin to compare them over time. Along with the calculation of the option greeks, the option calculator can also be used to calculate the theoretical price of an option (also called fair value of an option’s premium) and the implied volatility of the underlying. Look briefly at its race comments for a previous course appearance. If you can't afford it, just watch and learn. New year began with an 11/8 win, but by mid-january there was a string of losses as we suffered an annoying losing run of six. I should mention that my friend and i have a bit of a rivalry, we love to compete over who will choose the winning horse and this day was no different. You cannot fluke numbers like frankel without being worthy of the hype. Each jumps trainer will have achieved his overall winning percentages in five different race types:. I have previously used other ratings software for several years and decided to test r2w approximately 12 months ago. Sure2profit leans on the naps table found at the racing post and claims that backing selections made by the highest strike rate tipsters and laying selections made by the tipsters with the lowest strike rate should produce satisfying results if practiced consistently.

The best one i used was the winstrike rate. A record of all your bets. You can have as many filters as possible such as. Simply enter just the one runner in any races where there is just one bet. Every selection must meet our strict criteria before consideration and a sound rationale accompanies it for members consideration. You simply don’t need to take silly risks. Like a good boy scout, be prepared.

In this concluding post, we will understand the usage of an option calculator. Trail running shoes vs road running shoes. Some are well known and priced into the markets. It’s not rare to see bookmakers trade to tiny margins such as just 2% in these markets, which opens up the opportunity for. If you lift your strike rate to 35 per cent at 2 / 1, you could edge into profit. And mau’s observation, though it has no bearing on the product’s level stakes pass mark,. Fortunately, betting exchanges such as betfair display the market margin on each market. And these were not coincidences.   this can mean the odds offered to you vary and often means that a string of substantial winnings will result in a letter explaining that your winning profile is “inconsistent with their business model” and your account being terminated. Would recommend and try for yourself.

Let’s say that there is a race that is being run on a very tight track, over one mile. He understands the importance of having a well weighted horse and manages to get his runners in this position by utilising the services of apprentice jockeys (who are able to claim a certain amount of weight off their horse based on how many winners that have ridden). This means that bets are calculated towards the target amount over a period of time and the staking plan is designed to reach this amount regardless of results along the way. Multiple irish champion national hunt trainer. (the hkjc also controls football betting in hong kong. Statistics from this saturday's canterbury meeting show that only 1 in 5 last. He is a live chance despite an awkward gate. She hit 1/3 in-running on that occasion, and a repeat of that level of form would make her hard to beat.   the first data run left us stunned in terms of its success rates and the technology continues to amaze in terms of its accuracy over time. This is 'oddly different' rather than the normal use of 'different' to mean a performance that looks high class in some way.

High Strike Rate Horse Racing Systems

While it looks cool, it isn't going to help you win your races one bit. “now that my partner and i have bought a property in temuka it’s a bit closer. Melbourne’s major races include the australian guineas and the randwick guineas in the first week of march at flemington, while the same course hosts the australian cup and the newmarket handicap a week later. 1 barrier in friday night’s event which is restricted to mares. 5 doesn't need to downshift as much on the highway. " then detailing how the top level racing administrators in the us have failed to take any action to this date. Distance from the screen means everything. Many jockeys always walk the course beforehand.

Option even if you only use it for saturdays, sundays and public holidays. Since november 2003 however i have been working the ratings daily,.  we get more winners and at much better odds and the . He said in a release which is on the racing nsw website that ricg would have a voice. Believe it or not, these extreme commissions are even worse than poker machines. Well, this time, i’m looking at an oldish product that promises not to pull up a tree, but instead grow one.

Most of the inbreeding in thoroughbreds—up to 80%—can be traced back to just a few founding ancestors, todd said. The thing that the sales page was slightly confusing about was whether you get training included in this system in order to do your own research and make your own picks or whether it is just a matter of using their own.   a horse with "cl" means that the horse has run. Soon you’ll be able to call yourself a professional bettor. Tactical speed has been more effective at churchill with four of the five runners fourth or better at the first point of call and three profiling as pace or press-the-pace type runners entering the race. The way you bet can be changed from race to race if you wish, for example you may find a good thing in.

50s implies the average tempo of the race is 12. There's potential to increase profits by using an exchange that offers a lower rate. Scoring, it's a good idea to find the source so that it doesn't develop into a. If you are ready to lace up for race day, here are the shoes we recommend. "i’ve said to many people that if you want to make money in (harness) racing, this is the best opportunity you’ve had in many, many years," said bob galterio, the coo at yonkers raceway, the state's largest harness track. Sentient jet breeders’ cup juvenile always generates plenty of interest because racing fans are always looking for a potential kentucky derby horse, but the race itself can be a difficult puzzle to crack. Mutrib runs in the tenth. But they make their power well past 13,000 rpm; you have to work for it a little. A staking plan is the key to winning by protecting the bank from the risk that it is exposed to by betting, and encourages slow but steady growth rather than a 'get rich quick' mentality.

3 once you have registered you will receive henry’s next available days bet or bets, via text message. She said the key to her success and improvement as a ride was to “care less”. Also more evidence that if they think they can get away with even high profile trainers will take the chance. Choice, our choices are about science and results…not emotion. Channon built his stable strength up notably early this century to reach a peak in 2006 when he had his record number of 2yo runners, winners, and wins. You can join any time of day or not and then sign-up to receive the tips to your email inbox. How does the strike rate calculator work. Is a horse from the back of the pack likely to run down the leaders.

High Strike Rate Horse Racing Tips

Scoring is commonly seen on the piston face. Official handicappers in both the uk and ireland, as it is. I’ve never enjoyed racing so much. I think over time the outlay on axis pays for itself and i’d struggle to use any other software going forward. Click here to read a full review of my.

A section of the website called tomorrows cards has some useful information that can help select horses who’s odds will move. Without any regard for opposition running against the selection. It is offered with a new sync connect app lets owners start, lock, unlock and locate their vehicles with their smartphones. I’m going to explain what these all mean. The letters we receive here at ppm ask much the same questions as were raised 10 and 20 years ago. It's one of the most important running metrics because it can also have an impact on running efficiency and improve form to help prevent injuries. Whilst we don't proclaim the following to be wholly original, what follows is mainly commonsense.

He does much better with older horses, who have a higher win percentage and a significantly higher a/e. When i completed my race license test here in the uk, i was told that kerbs are generally bad, and that the fastest line around the track isn't to drive all over them. All trainers have there own way of training horses aswell. Strike rate racing is a brand new horse racing tipster service which claims to utilise a high strike rate in order to make a profit. That to the number of wins. We increase our strike rate to 35. With a couple of course and distance winners also set to lineup it’s hard to discount the majority of the field but secret potion and mezyan look the most likely threats to our selection. It is imperative for a gambler to take a look at the statistics of the relevant trainer at any given track, and he should ignore the trainer if the coach cannot live up the expectations.

I’m pleased to be able to report that we’ve had another month of steady capital growth. It is a little known fact that most tipsters would willingly opt out of putting up a selection in a large number of races. It’s likely to be an extra-cost item — as i understand it, around £37 on a one-off basis — but in my view, anyone getting involved with . Those who have the irace vison software and use it daily already know this. The downside being, there aren’t a whole load of horses that qualify each day. A good horse, in other words. Meant that you're not returning a profit.

Remember that all cushioning (gel, foam, composites) require some time to recover from being used. Once you read it you'll never read form in the same way again. The south china morning post offers the most prominent hong kong racing editorial publication, in english. Is it the best 4k gaming monitor on the market. The truth of the matter is that despite the approach, this seems to be a pretty straight forward horse racing tipster service. Your horse may well have had a fantastic runaway win on hard ground but, will. There are two common mistakes that. This is the right site that you have been missing. Sporty dynamics and competent turbocharged engines make the 2017 ford escape one of the best-driving compact crossovers. The hong kong jockey club provide anything from veterinary updates and trackwork updates to full-video replays and analysis.

Ray states that his system can produce a good long-term profit and takes a slow, steady approach rather than trying to be some kind of get rich quick scheme. Strike rate system is the latest horse racing program that offers the best betting tips that fully guarantee you high profits.

Strike Rate Racing

Horse racing: starlit sands maintains prescott's 100 per cent juvenile strike-rate; thirsk. That really take some in the site is offering you think you can only get an image of someone’s handwriting for these two talents of these professional. It is a new tipster service that is now the culminated work of two different tipsters rather than one. Instead, she was 222km away on the victorian border, riding winners at echuca. The free form is extensive, and not easy beginners.

The horse whisperer provides straight win bets ranging from 2/1 to 20/1 with a ver good level of consistency. 00) is a david jolly trained gelding who has been quite good in two runs for the stable. And a race upgrade at it's next outing. I've been involved with the racing game for many years, and i can say any tipster who has a 50% strike rate is exceptionally good. However, we can go even further by not only automating our bets thus saving time and mental energy, but we can also add rules to improve our already solid strategy. Front seats are slim and rather firm, and there's just enough space for adults—just two of them, realistically, due to width—in back. Could still have shown a profit. Alan jarvis was (finally for decades long financial issues) refused a licence renewal in early 2014 and his son tim was allowed a licence after a drawn out process. When i applied any one of the three criteria i did have an improvement in varying degrees. So i’m not going to.

It should also be pointed out that meech is a group 1-winning rider. Amount of outlets, phone operators and internet services. Distance and going preferences for horses and sires. Also, i noticed that any increase in the win rate as a criterion to improve profits was acceptable but on a diminishing basis. We’re all off to turkey on saturday, 100% thanks to first favourite. The strike rate is naturally higher in winter (where there is only all-weather racing which is generally less competitive). Straightforward fences which tend to have a very low casualty rate. Has made me re-evaluate the use of the revelation plan.

Strike rate of a batsman is calculated by dividing no. That said over a 3 month period a 44 point profit and 15. The draw a horse receives is perhaps the most overlooked factor in horse racing. Finally we have the crux of what strike rate racing is all about. The lower this number the better and you will find the more selections you have the lower it gets. Working horses who have little to no chance of winning simply isn't worth freezing for, anderson said. One note, however: we haven't quite managed to meet the epa ratings in any of the ecoboost models in the past, but we're hoping that the new engines will return better numbers.

The roar’s own andrew hawkins, post news, insight, analysis, tips, and editorial columns. Tab win dividend should be $5. Only going to keep this introductory price this low for the. That aside, it's a fantastic game, and if you're looking to get a little better, or learn some tricks to mastering the in-app purchases, then look no further. And that’s the hardest bit of all for me.

Reducing the stress on the foot. The first 3 or 4 horses in the betting probably account for around 80% of winners. Anyway, i have done some basic analysis to see how mondays have treated us. It is one unique program that comes with its secrets, techniques and ways on how you can be the best punter when it comes to horse betting.   turf accountant opens up the possibility of additional betting strategies and greater returns by providing you our top 3 horses.

Strike Rate Horse Racing

For almost every runner in races that are run in the uk and. About the author, brian reavill. Jockey premierships close everywhere save new south wales. Ratings or by making use of past data which shows how the top rated. He rarely leaves the money behind twice. Determine which horses are suited to the draw/pace conditions. And what a charming reinvention it is, returning to its roots by trimming nearly every dimension and ‘adding’ lotus-grade lightness…”.

Ratings of various types appear in all sorts of publications and are typically based on the official bha rating scale. The roi for these selections is a worrying -17%. It works best for batch sparging. Since i began using ratings2win, i can say with confidence their ratings, especially their sr rating is of a high standard. Makes a day at the races even more fun. This is a simple laying service for uk and irish horse racing advised by email daily (normally by mid morning). The output gives us the value of option greeks. Thank you for the personalised tips at uttoxeter races last night. Go over the previous form of the runners to determine what rating to give these races.

Complete results as we do. When looking at a race, the first question you should try to answer is: how is this race going to be run. If you are any good as a racing tipster the results will speak for themselves. One big hong kong bet-type that hasn’t yet been made available is the ‘triple trio’, where punters have to select the first three home in three consecutive races, a quaddie-like arrangement but just for three races instead of four. Tips are sent each evening via email detailing the recommendations for the following day's horse racing. The dip continued in 2014 with less horses and back down to just 4 wins. Favourites 86% strike rate horse racing system. 95 per month – with 14 extra days free. None lost by more than five lengths. It's not very original to put up two favourites in the feature races, so allow me to sign off by suggesting arthur kitt earlier on in the group two juddmonte royal lodge stakes (1.

How have we done this. Fahey’s horses that start over the minimum sprint trip of 5f do fantastically well – the trainer appears to have become a specialist at getting his horse’s ready to win at the first time of asking. 835-1) with a median of 6. When you see that there is no point in looking at other runners if you trust the ratings. All but one of the last 20 winners of the breeders’ cup juvenile were bred in kentucky. No it does mean guiding the total station about establishing a horse. In my four years of horse racing betting i've been through numerous services, many of which claiming all sorts of strike rates and profits but in fact generally proving to be disappointing once starting up with them. It costs around the $400 mark at most online shops. None runners can be used to your favour as this could leave the race with fewer runners and still offer you your place bet.

But they don’t show the whole picture. If you want help with a selection process then it is worth noting that the inform racing top master rated horse has a 75% strike rate for being placed and winners have been recorded in the past at all prices including many at double figure odds. That’s the nature of the job. Along with charlie appleby, bin suroor trains the majority of godolphin horses in the uk and ireland, while former godolphin racing manager simon crisford, who set up as a trainer himself in 2014, sits at number five on the list after making an encouraging start to his new career. There’s a great amount of bounce to the stride; yet you’re feet remain flatter than a typical running shoe.

Strike Rate Racing Review

Horsepower isn't everything in a drag race. If our betting tips have given a profit of 100 points per month then it is natural to assume that everything is rosy. Many will see the asus swift and be expecting an underwhelming experience as the original came with a fairly poor tn panel. However, thanks to significant advances in materials, the outsole of most quality running shoes are substantial enough to handle wet surfaces without slippage.   i trialled a few tipping services but they offered me very little in the way of enhancing my knowledge as well as returns. According to a runner, the underfoot platform of the flyknit racer wasn’t very effective when it comes to all-day use. They come complete with a means test against the ‘average’ amongst the trainer or jockey population where applicable. 7f is the distance where his juvenile newcomers do best at. Oil pan design ensures the oil pump is always surrounded by oil to prevent cavitation.

The volume engine is the 1. Normally when it comes to anything from the betting gods team, the marketing is very subdued. “i actually think it’s good. If that doesn’t convince you to take a closer look, then i don’t know what will. We have a range of odds on offer from a 5 different bookmakers for an upcoming premier league match between manchester united and arsenal.

Following any of these hints should be enough. If you've got any others, be sure to drop into the comments below. Considering the track before the race is almost as important to success as the car you choose. Thanks for your time and i hope this has given you some ideas on your punting. This kind of collision produces a. In the same interview he said he felt he had finally learnt how to delegate and particularly to let his wife maureen (nee piggott) 'in' to add her expertise fully. Of bonuses here, but again speaking from personal experience, i have.

The buzz phrase with many australian commentators is “track bias”. Should you not see a 50% strike long term give or take. Paying online via this web site to get immediate access to ratings and. And of course, there is the additional problem that revelation is so complicated we have struggled to work it out… so will readers struggle too. When it comes to tips, less is more. Numbers of magnitude better than using jockey club form indicators. An innovative mono-wrap tongue wraps around the midfoot to provide protection from debris and a very secure fit. Drying ground in his favour here, as is the likely fast pace on his side of the track which should give him a nice tow into the race.

If the rate statistic strike-rate puts a jockey’s wins in a better context, it isn’t the end of the story by any means. " - for more on this. These, by the way, are freely available on the aquanita website (www. Well, the results are in, and it's there in black and white in front of me: females are less reliable then males.   mention a horse to him and he’ll tell you in which grade, on what ground, track and distance and even ridden by what jockey it’ll win next.

Percentage you are up to, to operate the various strategies which rely on this. Believe me once you master this system, you will be laughing all of the way to the bank. The m+a columns adds together the master rating, (best rating from the last 12 months) and the average rating, (average rating from the last three runs), and together gives an excellent overall rating taking into account long term and recent ratings.

High Strike Rate Horse Racing Systems
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Strike Rate Racing
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Strike Rate Horse Racing
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Strike Rate Racing
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